Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011


I just woke up some minutes ago. And I am still super excited I must say. Yesterday when talking to Momo on the phone I was all like ' hah, if only Gakido would play when we're in Japan' and just for fun I looked them up on visunavi. AND GUESS WHAT? I found the live with the most amazing line up ever.

8月2日(火) OPEN 15:30/START 16:00 前売券:\3,500(D別)
場所:高田馬場CLUB PHASE 当日券:\4,000(D別)
問合せ:CLUB PHASE 03-5911-2777
出演アーティスト:NEGA / Megaromania / ALSDEAD / 我羇道 / ギャロ / VII-Sense / TRIGGAH / SCAPEGOAT / Secilia Luna

Hah, just hope we'll get a ticket. ANYWAYS. I am still so happy about this. hahaha.

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