Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011


So, finally we planned some lives we'll definately go to:

1.Lycaon / ベルベット / LuLu / ダウナー / DIAURA / MoNoLith / Re:Dis
2.ReivieЯ / L~Lotus~ / トーマス
3.Acid Cherry King / Para:noir / DOPES. / XodiacK / エルム / ダウナー
4.yuina / アンド / Moran
5.xtripx one man
6.-OZ- / Royz / EAT YOU ALIVE cat one man
8.VIRULENT / 一兎 / 他
9.: RED universe / DEPAIN / Acid Cherry King / Robin Kampf Alfread / XI / 他
10.NEGA / Megaromania / ALSDEAD / 我羇道 / ギャロ / VII-Sense / TRIGGAH / SCAPEGOAT / Secilia Luna

so great. I will get to see almost every of my favorite bands.

Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011


I just woke up some minutes ago. And I am still super excited I must say. Yesterday when talking to Momo on the phone I was all like ' hah, if only Gakido would play when we're in Japan' and just for fun I looked them up on visunavi. AND GUESS WHAT? I found the live with the most amazing line up ever.

8月2日(火) OPEN 15:30/START 16:00 前売券:\3,500(D別)
場所:高田馬場CLUB PHASE 当日券:\4,000(D別)
問合せ:CLUB PHASE 03-5911-2777
出演アーティスト:NEGA / Megaromania / ALSDEAD / 我羇道 / ギャロ / VII-Sense / TRIGGAH / SCAPEGOAT / Secilia Luna

Hah, just hope we'll get a ticket. ANYWAYS. I am still so happy about this. hahaha.


yep, I'm terribly excited. There isn't much time left until our holiday and thinking about it gets me in an awesome mood. njdhwejwef.

Freitag, 22. April 2011


I do not care anymore. 
I really.. do not care.
I'm tired of running after people, just so you know..

Freitag, 8. April 2011


I will go there. This summer.
As long as it doesn't seem like it's bad for our health we'll definitely go. 
I've been waiting for this holiday to come for so long. And as long as there's no serious warning for Tokyo, I don't see why I should spend so much money to cancel our flight or to go to another place I don't really wanna see.
It might be silly of me to say this but I know that in a few months things will be totally different.
I'll just hope for it.