Dienstag, 5. April 2011

miyavi in concert.munich. 4.4.2011

A have to thank a bunch of peopl at first... thanks to Twin for the flyers and the ANDO poster. Thanks to domo for driving to Stuttgart and picking me up at the train station. Thanks to Hachi for letting us stay at her place in Stuttgart, thanks to Tsu for rocking the concert with me and a fuckin' big THANKS to Ayshe for letting me stay at her place in Munich after the concert.

I had a whole lot of fun during those 3 days. Haha. Thanks to the group who cam with me to the concert and to the meet & greet. And this is where the story basically should start.

The meet & greet with Miyavi has been rather short. Even if it was short, I don't regret paying so much money. It's a little bit disappointing though that we didn't get much for the high price we payed but it's still one of the most amazing memories ever.

I've been pretty nervous when I had to go in there. But he looks even more pretty than I've expected. His smile is still breath taking i must say. And he was very friendly.

I enjoyed the concert so much. Especially such songs as 'Gravity', 'Shelter', 'Ossan ossan ore nanbo', 'BOOM-HAH-BOOM-HAH-HAH', 'We love you' and 'Are you ready to rock'

Now..I feel damadged. But it was worth all the money, all the pain and all the lack of sleep .


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